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The importance of Team Work in Eventing

As often outlined by fellow Eventing Officials, team work is essential to the Sport.

This video is featuring FEI Eventing Officials who briefly explain the term “team work” and its key values.

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Eventing Rule changes 2019

One of the FEI’s major aims is to ensure that the welfare of the athletes – human and equine – is protected and that competitions are conducted in a fair, consistent and structured way across the globe. To this end, rules and regulations are revised, discussed, adapted, changed and implemented.

In this video, the Chairman of the Eventing Committee informs you about the major changes for 2019. For more details, please visit the FEI website and make sure you are aware of the latest amendments of the FEI Eventing Rules. 

Please make sure to take the short quiz on the Eventing Rules 2019 in order to check your knowledge.

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