Eventing webinar - Role of Athlete Representative at International Events

The Cross Country Test constitutes the most exciting and challenging all-round test of riding ability and horsemanship where correct principles of training and riding are rewarded. This test focuses on the ability of Athletes and Horses to adapt to different and variable conditions of the Competition (weather, terrain, obstacles, footing, etc.) showing jumping skills, harmony, mutual confidence, and in general “good pictures”.

This test requires by all involved special awareness and acceptance of a certain level of risk inherent to the particular challenging and exciting nature of the test. It is important that Athletes and the Athlete Representative take an active role in the prevention of the risk on the Cross Country Course, by providing their feedback straight after walking the Course. A constructive dialogue with the Officials, and especially with the Technical Delegate, will then help to address any concerns of the Athletes on the Course before the competition starts.

Jonathan Holling, Member of the Eventing Risk Management Group, Athlete & Trainer, will be your host.

Course main topic & objectives

This programme explains how a good Technical Delegate and an Athlete representative should work together to reduce the risk particularly on Cross Country course, and how a good Athlete representative should work with his fellow Athletes.

Target audience

Eventing Athletes and Officials, and anybody interested to get a better understanding of the secondary measures applied in Eventing to reduce the risk inherent to the Sport.

How does the course work?

Online Course NO certification

5 min
Online learning

What you will learn

The video details the key actions that the Athlete Representative undertakes upon his arrival on the showground, and the importance of open dialogue with the Officials, and particularly with the Technical Delegate.

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Jonathan Holling