Eventing webinar - The Cross Country Guide for Officials

This webinar course has been created to present and remind the Officials of the importance standardised Course Design principles, as the task of a Course Designer is to produce a Cross Country Test of the level required without exposing Horses and Athletes to a higher risk than what is strictly necessary to produce the right test for that level.

Mark Philips, FEI Level 3 Course Designer, and Mike Etherington-Smith FEI Level 3 Eventing Course Designer, and Member of the Risk Management Steering Group, will be your hosts.

Course main topic & objectives

This programme provides you with some key information related to the Cross Country Guide, and will help you to understand following principles:

  • Intensity of the Course
  • Course Designing for the right level
  • Use of Frangible Devices

Target audience

Eventing Officials such as Course Designers, Technical Delegates and Judges, and anybody interested to get a better understanding of the importance of the application of the Cross Country Guide for Officials.

How does the course work?

Online Course NO certification

8 min
Online learning

What you will learn

The video provides key elements included in the Cross Country Guide for Officials, allowing to obtain the same standard of Cross Country course at each level of competition. Fundamentally it seeks to improve standards of safety for Horse and Athlete during the Cross Country Test.  

Course format



Mike Etherington-Smith

Mark Phillips