Eventing webinar - Horse Welfare


This webinar course has been created to help Officials, Athletes and Coaches to better identify a Tired Horse on a Cross Country Course, so they can take the necessary actions. Pressing a tired Horse is considered as Dangerous Riding, and the excessive pressing of a tired Horse is considered as Abuse of Horse. Both infringements are to be sanctioned, and it is important, for the Horse Welfare and the Risk Management inherent to Eventing, to be able to recognise the signs, and act upon.

Staffan Lidbeck, Member of the Risk Management Steering Group, FEI Veterinarian for Eventing, Jumping, Driving and Dressage, will be your host.

Course main topic & objectives

This programme provides you with important information and key words to better recognised tired Horses.

Target audience

Eventing Officials, Athletes and Coaches, and anybody interested in the Welfare of the Horse.

How does the course work?

Online Course NO certification

5 min
Online learning

What you will learn

The video details the key elements Officials and Athletes must keep in mind to identify when a Horse is tired, or very tired, so the adequate action can be taken. We need to avoid to have/see an exhausted Horse on the Cross Country Course.

All cases of riding an exhausted horse will incur a Yellow Warning Card and Disqualification and the case will be referred to the FEI for further disciplinary action, so prevention is key.

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Staffan Lidbeck