Foundation Course for Eventing Officials


Welcome to the Foundation Course for FEI Eventing Officials. The following online programme aims to prepare you for FEI officiating in the sport of Eventing. It will lead you through education that is broken into five sections as follows:

  • The FEI – structure, decision-making and important policies
  • FEI Eventing – evolution of the sport
  • FEI Officials – roles and responsibilities
  • FEI Events – competitions
  • FEI Regulations – rules and statutes

As you progress through the programme there are a number of learning control quizzes built in to support your development.

The FEI Eventing Committee’s objective is to ensure the highest standards for the education of officials and thereby the development of the sport.

Thank you for getting involved and taking part.

How does the course work?

Online Course WITH certification

3 h
Online learning

What you will learn

The Foundation Course for Eventing Officials will provide the basics to international level officiating and will help you to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To be able to explain the role and work of the FEI Eventing Department and the Eventing Technical Committee
  • To identify the core values of the FEI and relate these to the role as an FEI Official and recognise the principles of the FEI Code of Conduct for Officials
  • To recognise the historic roots of Eventing, describe its evolution and recognise International Competition structures
  • To explain the principles of clean sport and relate the case for clean sport to the role of Officials and FEI principles
  • To align the principles of Horse Welfare and Horsemanship to the responsibilities of FEI Officials
  • To learn about the different and relevant FEI rules and guidance documents necessary for Judges, Technical Delegates and Course Designers to find appropriate ruling
  • To have a clear understanding of the route to become and maintain FEI Eventing Officials status

Course format