Beat the Heat

Welcome to the FEI Beat the Heat video Playlist. A collection of 8 episodes covering all important topics for competing safely in hot and humid climates.

This animated series is here to inform and advise all athletes and their entourage, Officials, grooms, staff, horse owners, and anyone travelling to hot and humid environments for equestrian sport.

In these videos, you will:

          - discover the impact of heat and humidity on both horses and humans

          - understand how they affect performance, training, food and daily routines

          - Receive useful recommendations to prepare for, travel to, and manage the competition under hot and humid challenging conditions

          - Learn to recognise heat related illness symptoms & emergency signs, and how to respond properly.

The FEI recommends you seek medical and/or veterinary advice well in advance of competing in hot and humid environments.


So, enjoy watching and get ready to go beat that heat!


Equestrian Sport in hot and humid environments

For everyone to be safe and able to perform at the top of their game, it’s important to understand heat and humidity, and how they can affect humans and horses, especially in a sporting context.

This first episode of our Beat the Heat series will drive you through all basic notions and facts about competing in hot and humid environments so that you can start your journey in mastering these challenging conditions and get the best out of them !