Beat the Heat

Welcome to the FEI Beat the Heat video playlist. A collection of eight episodes covering all important topics for competing safely in hot and humid climates.

This animated series is here to inform and advise all athletes and their entourage, Officials, grooms, staff, horse owners, and anyone travelling to hot and humid environments for equestrian sport.

In these videos, you will:

          - Discover the impact of heat and humidity on both horses and humans

          - Understand how they affect performance, training, food and daily routines

          - Receive useful recommendations to prepare for, travel to, and manage the competition under hot and humid challenging conditions

          - Learn to recognise heat related illness symptoms & emergency signs, and how to respond properly

The FEI recommends you seek medical and/or veterinary advice well in advance of competing in hot and humid environments.


So, enjoy watching and get ready to go beat that heat!


Equestrian Sport in hot and humid environments

For everyone to be safe and able to perform at the top of their game, it’s important to understand heat and humidity, and how they can affect humans and horses, especially in a sporting context.

This first episode of our Beat the Heat series will drive you through all basic notions and facts about competing in hot and humid environments so that you can start your journey in mastering these challenging conditions and get the best out of them!


Equine Preparation at Home

A good preparation is key to a great competition for your horse, and when heat and humidity are part of the equation, it becomes even more crucial.

In this video we will show you how to handle acclimatisation, nutrition and cooling techniques for optimal results with your horse, and we highly recommend you to start as soon as possible while in your home country.


Self-Preparation at Home

Humans are also greatly affected by heat and humidity. As an Athlete, Official, volunteer or staff member, you will be exposed to these very challenging climate conditions and need to prepare accordingly.

This video will introduce you to the three main techniques to master while still at home, to get ready and be at your best for competition: acclimatisation, hydration and cooling.


Equine Transportation

When travelling to thermally challenging environments, optimum transportation conditions are instrumental to the well-being of horses, as they will reduce illness risks, but also lead to better performance during competition.

In this video we will provide you with tips on trip preparation, recommendations for equine transportation and best practices upon arrival.


Human Travel

Travel is an important step of the process when attending competitions in hot and humid environments.

Whether you are an athlete, an Official, volunteer or a staff member, this video will provide you with best practices for your trip preparation and acclimatisation upon arrival. We will show you how to make the most of your travel time to arrive rested and ready to beat the heat!


Human Competition & Emergency Response

You are now fully prepared to compete or attend a competition in a challenging, hot and humid climate. This last video will show you how to stay at your best at all times, and help you to recognise signs of heat distress in yourself and others, in order to give the proper emergency response.


Equine Competition & Emergency Response

Competition management and emergency response can make a big difference in a hot and humid climate. This video will bring you key notions and advices to optimise your horse’s condition, identify heat related illnesses and address emergencies in the most efficient way.

Tokyo 2020

Special episode

Discover what to expect for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This video will explore the climatic conditions on site; the measures in place to manage heat and humidity for both humans and horses; and how Covid-19 risk mitigation may affect you and your horse’s heat management plan.

All of the information from this video, and more, can be found on our dedicated Tokyo 2020 Olympic hub here and Paralympic hub here.