This course is an introduction to the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

It explains the purpose, structure, functioning, mission, values and goals of the world governing body of equestrian sport, the FEI.

As an aspiring FEI Official, it is important and necessary to understand the role of the FEI. With this aim in mind, this course is the ideal tool to learn all you need to know about the FEI.

Welcome to the FEI Level 4 Endurance online examination where we will be evaluating your competency in handling challenging situations at the highest level of officiating.

This is the first part of the Level 4 Blended Learning Education. You will have to complete all of the case studies in order to confirm your competency. 

Your participation helps the FEI to guarantee the highest standards of officiating in our Sport and we thank you for your engagement.

Please note that this examination is part of an official certification process and therefore accessible upon invitation only.