About FEI Solidarity

The aim of the FEI Solidarity Plan is to provide the NFs with the tools to develop equestrian sport in their own country in a sustainable, structured, progressive and professional manner.

This assistance takes the form of:

  • Technical Programmes
  • Financial Support
  • Consultancy Services

The general objectives of the FEI Solidarity are defined as follows:

  • to promote the fundamental principles of equestrian sport; to assist the NFs in the preparation of their Athletes and Teams for their participation in FEI Competitions;
  • to develop the technical sports knowledge of Athletes and Coaches;
  • to improve the technical level of Athletes and Coaches in cooperation with NFs, including through scholarships
  • to train sports administrators;
  • to collaborate with organisations and entities pursuing such objectives, particularly through FEI education and the propagation of Equestrian Sport;
  • to create, where needed, simple, functional and economical equestrian sports facilities in cooperation with national or international bodies;
  • to support the organisation of competitions at national, regional and continental level under the authority or patronage of the NFs and to assist the NFs in the organisation, preparation and participation of their delegations in regional and continental Games;
  • to encourage joint bilateral or multilateral cooperation programmes among NFs;
  • to urge governments and international organisations to include Equestrian
  • Sport in official development assistance.

The structure of FEI Solidarity is based on four pillars which can be considered as most important for any process of development of the sport, i.e.

  • the Athlete,
  • the Coach,
  • the National Federation, and
  • Equestrian Values.




For further information, please visit http://inside.fei.org/fei/solidarity .