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A piece of dead bone which has become separated from the rest of the bone to which it initially belonged. It is a typical sign of bone necrosis or osteomyelitis (an infection of the bone). The inflammation results in a localised loss of blood supply, which leads to cell death. De-vitalised areas of bone are removed by osteoclasts, and a sequestrum may be formed. Eventually, most sequestra will also be removed by the osteoclasts, sometimes leading to abscesses and draining tracts or fistulas. 

Translations :

  • Knochensequester, m

Abgestorbenes, vom übrigen Knochen abgelöstes Knochengewebe, welches i.d.R. nach chronischer Osteomyelitis durch demarkierenden Knochenabbau (Osteoklasten) entsteht.

  • sequestro osseo, m
  • botsequester
  • Sequestrum, m

A lytic area of the pedal bone containing an isolated fragment or sequestrum (black arrows) as a result of a penetrating injury of the sole (picked-up nail)