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Long narrow pieces of fabric that are wrapped around (part of) the horse's leg to keep an injury clean, to protect the limb from injury due to interference or to prevent swelling. They can be used for exercise, travel or in the stable. Non-elastic bandages (e.g. those made from fleece-like material) are typically used without padding for exercise only. Elastic bandages must be used with padding as they could otherwise cause disruptions of the blood supply to the skin. Woven bandages (wool or synthetic) combined with thick pads are typically called stable bandages. They are applied from below the fore knee / hock down to the pastern and help prevent filled legs in stabled horses. Bandages with pads extending down over the coronet an up over the fore knee / hock are used for travelling.

Translations :

  • bandes
  • bendaggi, fasce
  • vendas

Application of a stable bandage with a full-length pad


Exercise bandages made from inelastic fleece material