Equine Health

Maintaining a healthy horse

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2 h
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Providing a sick or injured horse with good veterinary care is a vital part of ensuring that a horse returns to good health, but equally if not more important are all the things that horse owners (or trainers) can do to prevent a horse from getting sick or injured in the first place. In this course you will learn about:

  • Why good feeding management can help prevent gastrointestinal disorders such as colic
  • Why keeping a horse in a dust free environment with plenty of fresh air can keep its respiratory system healthy
  • What you can do to keep a horse sound
  • How to help an older horse stay healthy
  • Why keeping a yard in good order can help prevent injury
  • Why a horse’s mental wellbeing is just as important as its physical wellbeing
  • Why there is more to grooming than making a horse look good

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Dr Isabel Imboden