Equine Influenza

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This webinar which focuses on the technical aspects of equine influenza is suitable for all veterinarians and important viewing for FEI veterinarians. Equine influenza is an infectious disease of great significance which can be quickly transmitted between horses. Professor Ann Cullinane, an OIE expert based at the Irish Equine Centre, explains the structure and epidemiology of equine influenza virus, its transmission, how to select the most appropriate vaccine and vaccine breakdown. Caterina Termine, the FEI Veterinary Advisor, explains the FEI regulations concerning equine influenza vaccination requirements.

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What you will learn

In this course you will learn about:
  • Structure, nomenclature and epidemiology of influenza virus
  • Clinical signs and transmission of the infection
  • Vaccine selection and vaccine breakdown
  • FEI regulations concerning equine influenza vaccine requirements

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Caterina Luisa TERMINE

Ann Cullinane