Enhanced Biosecurity and Infectious Disease Control for Equine Events


This course provides an overview of enhanced biosecurity and infection disease control related to equine events. This course provides background on potential entry of equine infectious disease agents and the potential modes of agent transmission on the equine event grounds. Event management and event participants should be prepared to implement enhanced biosecurity measures in the face of a disease outbreak at equine event. This course delivers guidance on determining which biosecurity measures to implement and developing and infection control plan at an equine event. 

How does the course work?

What you will learn

This advanced course will introduce principles of enhanced biosecurity and infection control. It will help you:

  • Be aware of potential equine infectious disease agents which could enter the event grounds
  • Understand the potential modes of disease agent transmission on the event grounds
  • Determine which enhanced biosecurity measures should be implemented
  • Identify local biosecurity supply resources necessary for disease control
  • Develop an infectious disease control plan for a disease outbreak on the event grounds
  • Implement measures to best protect the horse
  • Address business continuity during an outbreak

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Katie Flynn