The Equine Athlete

How Do Equine Muscles Facilitate the Jumping Effort

by Dr Lindsay St. George

This presentation demonstrates the methods used for collecting and interpreting three-dimensional (3D) kinematic and sEMG data, which were collected from an elite SJ horse during canter and jump. The data was analysed during the demonstration to show how selected equine muscles facilitate canter and the jumping effort.

The presentation was recorded when the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) hosted a day of demonstrations from equine researchers at Myerscough College in December 2015. 

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What you will learn

In this course you will learn about:

  • Observing the interpretation of three-dimensional (3D) kinematic and sEMG data
  • Differences in muscle activity between elite and non-elite jumping horses
  • Findings from kinematic and sEMG data in relation to equine practitioner opinions on quality movement and training methods