The Equine Athlete

Exercise physiology

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3 h 35
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What you will learn

Horses can perform astonishing feats of endurance, are amongst the fastest land mammals, can pull great loads and clear high obstacles. This course focuses on the unique anatomical and physiological features of horses that make them the superb natural athletes that they are. Some of the things you will learn about are:

  • Energy – what it is, where it comes from and how it is used
  • How the horse’s musculoskeletal system is adapted to athletic challenges
  • Why genetics can determine which discipline a horse can excel in
  • Why respiratory health has such a huge impact on respiratory function
  • How the oxygen transport capacity of horse’s blood can almost double in less than a minute
  • How training can influence physiological parameters
  • Why both physiology and mental state can play a big role in a horse’s willingness to perform

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Dr Isabel Imboden

Prof. Dr Michael Weishaupt