Equine Health

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome: a horse owner's guide

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) is a common disease of the stomach affecting the health and performance of horses.

This webinar is intended for all horse owners and provides practical advice on diet and explains the importance of managing the horses' individual needs.

An expert in equine internal medicine helps you to understand ulcers and guides you through a gastroscopy. Successful riders like Carl Hester, Scott Brash and Sophie Wells share their experience and how they manage their horses' needs. 

This webinar is brought to you by our Official FEI Equine Health Partner, Boehringer Ingelheim.

How does the course work?

Online Course NO certification

1 h
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What you will learn

  • What ulcers are
  • The different types of ulcers
  • What causes ulcers
  • What the symptoms are
  • How gastroscopy is performed in a horse
  • How to manage horses with Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

Course format