Level 1 - Endurance - Judges & Stewards


This course focuses on the basics of judging and stewarding of an Endurance ride, from knowledge on Horse Welfare both in and out of competition, to a holistic understanding of the Endurance rules. This course will take you through several layers of the competition to learn the problems and requirements of their organisation and management. Finally you will be taught how the timing systems work and what is required to produce the most important document of a competition: the results.

How does the course work?

What you will learn

  • Using and finding Articles in the General, Endurance and Veterinary Rules of the FEI
  • Core Horse Welfare aspects to protect Horses before their arrival and during the competition
  • The different requirements of basic management and organisation of a competition
  • How to organise a team for time-keeping and obtaining the data for results
  • Producing a correct final results document for the competition and submission to the FEI

Course format