Level 1 - Jumping - Judges

Welcome to the Level 1 course for Jumping Judges. This online programme aims at preparing and certifying National Judges from National Federations with an equivalency for officiating at Level 1 International Jumping competitions.

The course is also accessible to National Federations and to anyone passionate about Jumping and eager to extend his or her knowledge and understanding of this exciting sport. All the fundamentals of judging at international level are included here, ready for you to explore and learn.

The course is based on a syllabus established by the FEI with specifically crafted course material. Throughout the programme you will also find built-in learning control quizzes to support your knowledge acquisition and monitor your progression.

The objective of the FEI is to ensure the highest standards in the education of Officials, to support the healthy development of our sport and to nurture the passionate's thirst for knowledge .

Enjoy the course and thank you for your passion and commitment.

How does the course work?

Online Course duration

Online learning

What you will learn

  • Categories of Officials
  • Judges' career pathway
  • FEI Code of Conduct
  • Philosophy of judging
  • FEI Rules and Regulations
  • Event schedules
  • Arenas and schooling areas
  • Obstacles
  • Penalties during a round
  • Time and speed
  • Table of penalties
  • Eliminations, disqualifications, fines
  • Ranking
  • Competitors and horses
  • Jump-offs
  • Selected competitions
  • Course inspection

Course format