Language Training courses

Language Training on FEI Campus

All FEI Officials are expected to speak and write English. Good command of English ensures that Officials communicate properly with all stakeholders in order to guarantee a level playing field at FEI Events.

The FEI is aware that this requirement is not always easy to fulfil for quite some FEI Officials, due to culture, personal circumstances, and availability of language training.

In this section, FEI Officials have the opportunity to learn spoken and written English online. This service is provided by a company, called “Rosetta Stone”, one of the most powerful, award winning and intuitive language training programmes around.

The FEI offers all FEI Officials who are in need of language training a one-year subscription for a subsidised price!

There are two different language training programmes available to you:

  • Rosetta Stone Foundations; language learning for beginner to intermediate
    The structured approach develops language skills through a predefined sequence and method using sounds, images and text to help you absorb meaning intuitively, so learning is natural. As you complete interactive language instruction you unlock the ability to practice your language skills through games, activities, stories and live online conversations – adjusted to your learning progress.
  • Rosetta Stone Advantage; language learning for intermediate to advanced
    A flexible solution designed for learners of all proficiency levels in English. Rosetta Stone Advantage provides an end- to- end learning solution where you can select your own learning paths as well as workshops you would to focus on based on your interests. It offers broad content areas covering everyday situations, culture, business and industry through engaging language training, live tutoring and progress and achievement tests. This solution enables you to tailor you curriculum based on your needs.

In order to assess which programme best suits your needs, we have a short language assessment test for you.

How it works?

Step 1:
Please contact the FEI Campus Team by using the following email address:
Don’t forget to mention your FEI ID.
Step 2:
The FEI will review your application.
Step 3:
The FEI will come back to you, with the conditions and further processes.
Step 4:
Enjoy learning!